The Secret behind OneHour Guitar Chord Method

The Secret behind OneHour Guitar Chord Method

The only way to really master guitar chords is to understand the logic behind them.

Traditional music education is ancient. Guitar has been popular over 100 years. Still the traditional education has failed in many tasks. You may have played the guitar for 20 years and still have no clue how to finger Gm6. Chord lexicons and chord generators are no solution. You still have to strain your memory. And still the chords remain just irrational “dots on diagrams”. All the other applications are only digital chord lexicons. One hour with this app eliminates the need of chord lexicons, chord generators and learning chord shapes by rote for ever.

Chord building is mathematics, but very simple. After developing the method, it never stops to amaze me that traditional education teaches simple things in an extremely complicated way. The ability to form any guitar chord including all the complex jazz chords can be achieved in one hour without any prior musical education.

The philosophy of OneHour Method is that instead of learning chords by rote, the user learns to build the chords him/herself. The app starts with an interactive tutorial. Starting from D major triad the user is “forced” in 5-10 minutes to form D7, Dmaj7, D6, Dm7, Dm6, Dmmaj7, D7sus4 etc. Going through the whole tutorial part of the app takes ca 15-30 minutes and after that the user is able to build chords him/herself.

“Most importantly, the method is FUN, rewarding and once the method is learnt the system starts feeding itself, so you’ll never ever forget what you’ve learnt with the method.”  Quote: user evaluation written by the guitarist of one of the most famous bands in Finland, and he goes on: “Sounds too good to be true, I know, but I learnt the guitar with the predecessor to this, the “Only Complete” method. Understanding chords, arpeggios and scales through the method has been the biggest “EUREKA“-experience for me in my 15 years as a professional musician” “Without the “Only Complete”, I ́m pretty sure I never ever would have understood the guitar well enough to make a living out of playing it.”

Reijo Hiltunen MD

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