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Ryan Roxie

Ryan Roxie, the no-nonsense guitar wizard for Alice Cooper and Slash´s Snakepit, among others, tried out OneHourMethod. Mr Roxie ran into OneHourMethod guitar chord app while performing in Helsinki, Finland, and was impressed by what he saw:“Understanding chords is one of the foundations to learning guitar and ultimately how to enjoy playing songs. Finally an app that gives you in-depth knowledge of guitar chords and how to find them all over your guitar neck. A must for any guitar enthusiast….from beginner to consummate pro.”

User Evaluations

Average app store rating is 4.5 stars!!!


Fantastic! ★★★★★ by Mankonen
Delivers exactly what it promises. I just wish I had known all this 20 years ago. But better late than never.

Retired Redleg ★★★★★
Actually did throw out a myriad of books on the subject..this is my ‘go to’ resource! After 30 years playing I finally understand what’s going on!!

An absolutely genious way to learn chords ★★★★★ by `__´
(the writer of this is the guitarist of one of the most famous bands in Finland)
..and not just chords, This method unlocks the pattern / chord-shape-stuck guitarist’s thinking and allows one to construct chords, scales and arpeggios easily and in the most logical way possible. It helps one to understand why certain things sound how they do and helps to see how intervals, chord shapes and inversions are connected to each other. Honestly, this method is all you need to learn ANY chord or arpeggio there is. Most importantly, the method is FUN, rewarding and once the method is learnt the system starts feeding itself, so you’ll never ever forget what you’ve learnt with the method, you’ll only get deeper in seeing how the fretboard works. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but I learnt the guitar with the predecessor to this, the Only Complete method. Understanding chords, arpeggios and scales through the method has been the biggest “EUREKA“-experience for me in my 15 years as a professional musician. It made me realise that chords or scales aren’t hard, they’re completely logical and learning them is easy. This method unlocked the fretboard and the how I approach the guitar in general for me, I highly recommend this App to everyone, from beginner to pro player.

Phantastic! ★★★★★ by Zappa55
I have played guitar +40 years and only now I understand. How easy forming even the most complicated chords can be! In less than one hour.

Gumbygreeneye ★★★★★
Spent an hour with this and it’s fantastic. I know little theory and this is like having a map for my fretboard.

Really useful! ★★★★★ by Hultsin pappa
I had this app in my iPad for months before I had the time to check it out. What a really easy way of finding chords on the fretboard! Wish I’d had one 30 years ago when I was searching for the chords on my own by ear…

MD ★★★★★ by KmBek
I learned in 30 min more of chords than in 10 years before this application

No doubt the best chord app out there! ★★★★★
This is a fantastic app-a real gem! It really gets down to the basics of chord construction yet more importantly makes you understand the whys about each chord (I.e roots, intervals 3rds, 5ths & 7ths etc). Its easy to use and is suitably challenging to even experience players. How I wish if found this app earlier. Thank you – I’m going to relish having sound chord understanding in no time and perhaps most importantly understand why (us guitarist can sometimes overlook this)…  the best app iv purchased! 

Great app ★★★★★ by Amistad2000
This is the best app I have found that will help you learn fretboard intervals

I do like it ★★★★★ by Greenirani
thats because it is an intelligent app written by intelligent dev.

Brilliant ★★★★★ by Vursti – Version
Great app! There is nothing else to say.

Helped ★★★★★ by sobakevich
Always was interested in knowing chords constructions.
This is a fine interactive way to learn this on a fretboard. Very fast way to learn. Thank you!

Excellent program ★★★★★ by Marko Heikkilä
This method really works!

Great app! ★★★★★ by Röntsä
The more you get familiar with the app, the better it is! Simple but still very versatile. Definitely an app to try for a serious guitar player…

Amazing learning app!!! ★★★★★ by Vellungton
I have been playing guitar for fun two years now. This app is really amazing! The method illustrated here really helps to understand what you are doing when playing guitar. Most highly recommended for any guitarist! Even (or especially) for the beginners!

A blast! ★★★★★ by GtrDude2
It took a few minutes to get what this is about, but It blew my mind to really understand how chords can be done from anywhere on fretboard. Thanks guys!

Excellent! ★★★★★ by K-V-A
This software makes guitar playing even more rewarding. Music chord lessons has been packaged in a simple form. Thanks

It works! ★★★★★ by Becoming guitar hero
Finally I can get idea how to play guitar. 1 hour to learn it is worth it!!!!

excellent! ★★★★★ by Pertti Korhonen
any fool can make things complex but it takes a genius to make them simple (Albert Einstein). This method and app is simply ingenious!

Awesomeness! ★★★★★ by Tuncciboy
Best app ever!

Awesome! ★★★★★ by Isoo mörköö
A must app for every guitarist from beginner to PROs! I thought I would never learn anything but basic chords, because I don’t know the theory. That was before this app. Thank you! You just must find One Hour.

Guitarman3001 ★★★★★
When starting to play the guitar, I had very hard time learning/memorizing chords – but it was, as I later found out, mainly because I didn´t realize what chords actually were until this method. I thought chords were something you just had to memorize as shapes but I was so wrong. This method showed me that there´s no magic to any chord, it´s just that chords consist of certain intervals compared to the root note and they´re located on the fretboard at certain points compared to the root note. No problem with any chord / upper structure ever since. It´s genious.

Acwild ★★★★★
I just bought this useful app! I feel that I have a decent knowledge of chords but would try this app as there’s always something to learn. The way it takes a simple chord and then does one variation at a time to morph it into another is very logical and easy to remember. This is the way I wish I was taught from the start because it’s so simple. Now I feel I’m ready to tackle jazz.

By Skunx ★★★★★
This is a really well done application. Fun to use and intuitive. Thank you for helping me learn something after playing all these years

From TheGearPage
I should start out by saying that I´m not affiliated to the product in any way. I owe its predecessor all I can play on the guitar though.
Everyone who is interested in guitar playing should check out this www.onehourmethod.com or download the app from the App Store.
It´s a new version of the Only Complete Guitar Method which was released in the 90´s, and which is the very book that I learned chords with. Without the Only Complete, I´m pretty sure I never ever would have understood the guitar well enough to make a living out of playing it.
The method works for chords, but IMO goes deeper than that, it teaches to see the guitar as a logical structure rather than just a bunch of readily-taught chord voicings and licks, it makes one UNDERSTAND what one is playing, which IMO is the best thing a book / method could do.
So, download it and be awestruck, I remember having this huge EUREKA-moment as a kid when I got the method.
Highly recommended.

From TheGearPage
Been a gigging bassist for decades. Started gigging as a guitarist a couple of years ago, and I knew enough to be competent, but not remarkable. The reason is that I have always played bass by the numbers, but I tried to learn guitar by a hybrid of what I knew of the CAGED system, music theory (college 30 years ago) and of course I know all the notes, but it has been cumbersome.
I have downloaded several chord apps this past year, and I have learned another dozen useful voicings, but playing “Monkey See, Monkey Do” with an App gave me fish, but did not TEACH me HOW to fish. Half an hour with this app and the light bulbs lit up for me, and I am constructing my own chords and voicings. The inclusion of chord construction theory in this app is an answer to prayer.
Without a doubt, this is the most useful chord construction and recognition app I have ever used.
It forces you to walk through a tutorial that, in the beginning seems very rudimentary, but in the end teaches you how to get the most out of the app.
I wish I knew about this 2 years ago!
YOUR app is BY FAR the best I have ever seen!

From TheGearPage
This is a really well done application. Fun to use and intuitive. Thank you for helping me learn something after playing all these years

From TheGearPage
I just down loaded this and have to say it really is a good app. It’s easy to follow and well laid out and being able to here all the different inversions is a real plus.

From TheGearPage
Great app! I learned so much…and I have so much more to learn. Thank you for posting this op!!!

Kristian71 ★★★★★
“Only Complete” method is awesome. Been using it for 10 years with every student. Now the One Hour App is taking it to the next level. What a great tool!

Pro Music Man ★★★★★
This app is super for learning how to play any chord you can imagine. AND it teaches you music theory! How awesome is that??? I had never played jazz on Gtr, and didn’t know how to build many of the chords. And it would take me forever to figure some of them them out. This app makes it super easy and fast to find and learn them. I’m also recommending this app to all my friends who are professional guitar players. Several have complained about jazzy chords in my songs, and not knowing them. No more of that 🙂 This app is useful for any level player. I highly recommend it!

Jazzin; Rich ★★★★★
EXACTLY what I’be been DYING for since my 1st guitar lesson 50 years ago. If only… Ha! Can only be THANKFUL it’s in my hands NOW…FINALLY!

Dizo ★★★★
Very useful and well thought out

by Ellis-Mark ★★★★★
Ok, I know my standard chords well. But this really gets you knowing how to make those non-standard chords pretty quickly if you spend a little time with it. Great tutorial included and describes the music theory as well. If you want to master the fretboard, I’d suggest this app will help a lot.

HRTFXR ★★★★★
Great app for learning the “how” and “why” of chords!

Mole351 ★★★★★
this app is incredible – especially for someone like me who doesn’t have hours to sit and play the guitar. Oh to be back in high school or college. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and up until recently chords have been just shapes to memorize. This app is great in helping to know why you play what you play instead of just the shapes. Lines up perfectly with where I am in my (newfound) guitar study. I saw a thread on the Gear Page with many guitar players endorsing this app so I figured I would give it a try. Glad I did!

Xcycle ★★★★★
Awesome app and teaching method! Immediately cleared some fog on terminology. I’m a long time player with a strong ear but never really tried to understand chord theory. Lately been finding younger musicians knowing way more than me and I don’t like that. I think this app will get me pretty far down the road and the visual nature of this method seems to fit my brain very well.

Thanks for a great product!

Cgpjs ★★★★★
This app is well worth the 5 bucks; it explains how to build any chord you want anywhere on the neck, and the explanation is clear and facilitates quick learning. Learned a lot from just the opening tutorial.

Gitpicker23 ★★★★★
A great tool for learning music theory, chord building and developing your ear to recognize chords. I wish this was around when I was a kid and trying to learn how to play. 5 stars.

Jaylenz ★★★★★
Really easy to use and certainly more fun than a book! Highly recommended!

MrSeaMonkey ★★★★★
It’s a very nice program. I learned some things. (And I’ve got a lot to learn.) You’ll still need to think and use your brain. But it’s a slick interface that is a little more fun than looking at a book. And it’s a nice progression between chord patterns. With more time invested in it, I’ll definitely learn even more. My playing will then benefit, to be sure.

Bourbon1785 ★★★★★
Easy learning method.

Sobakevich ★★★★★
Always was interested in knowing chords constructions. This is a fine interactive way to learn this on a fretboard. Very fast way to learn. Thank you!

Ellis-Mark ★★★★★
Pick this one up!
Ok, I know my standard chords well. But this really gets you knowing how to make those non standard chords pretty quickly if you spend a little time with it. Great tutorial included and describes the music theory as well. If you want to master the fretboard, I’d suggest this app will help a lot.

Rich Kovach ★★★★★
THIS is exactly what I’ve been NEEDING since day 1 of my playing days! REALLY GREAT format and guides.

Bob Furnes ★★★★★
This is great for those beginning and having difficulty playing regular chords…ie bare etc…the best part is they can start playing and enjoying music right away…keeps them interested…………..

Genius by Bazzaleon ★★★★★
Superb app for beginners and advanced, guitar theory made simple.

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