The application ”OneHour Guitar Chord Method” is based on ”The Only Complete Guitar Chord Method”, which was praised in international guitar magazines

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.40.49The Only Complete Guitar Chord Method clearly demonstrates that getting to know the make-up of chords can be both easy and enjoyable.”

Neville Marten, Editor, Guitar Techniques


guitarist-red“The Only Complete Guitar Chord Method is an easy-to-use yet ingenious method for expanding your chordal vocabulary – it’s not just a chord dictionary – it actually helps you to construct and fully understand chord structure.”

Phil Hilborne, Techniques editor, Guitarist



musician3If you’ve ever wrestled with one of those orthodox chord tutors which seem to work on a need-to-know basis, you need Dr. Reijo Hiltunen’s brainchild, the Only Complete Guitar Chord Method… The system does work.

John Perry, in August ’91, Musician

totalg4“This is as comprehensive a chord reference book as you’ll find anywhere. Very handy.”

Joe Bennett, Harry Wylie and Tim Tucker, in May ’96, Total Guitar



guitarist-red“Putting the book through its pages, I found it to be exactly as simple as Hiltunen promised. …I was instantly struck by how friendly this book feels; although quite a dense theoretical study the emphasis is definitely on using the theory for musical purposes, and, above all, on having fun.”

Adrian Clark, in December ’94, Guitarist


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