Apple Magazine: Chord Learning Curve Fast Forwards Via OneHour Guitar Method App

Logo-AppleMagazine-80x198px Guitar novices having trouble getting past a basic D chord may have to see this to believe it, but a new iPhone/iPad app promises to teach you all the chords you’ll ever want to play in just one hour.  Yes, you read that right: Just sixty minutes of studying and poof! You’ll be able to play them all.

But how?

Well, the method for OneHour Guitar Method by Oy Complete Music RH Ltd. is based on Dr. Reijo Hiltunen’s venerable book entitled “The Only Complete Guitar Chord Method.”  The idea behind this book and now the fresh app is to have guitar students learn through actually forming the chords instead of memorizing the fingering through repetitive action.

Hiltunen remarks, “The theory behind chords is actually very simple, but it has always been taught in a complicated way.”

In other words, this new app offers a musical shortcut, something anyone eager to master a string instrument will surely cherish.

The remarkable product for iPhone and iPad users was introduced in its homeland of Finland in May and hit the top of the iTunes chart in that Scandinavian country in record time. Not only were customers playing all chords in the amount of time promised, but OneHour Guitar method users have been happily and handily handing out 5-star ratings for this gig-oriented product ever since.

” Pretty amazing for a process that has nothing to do with a chord generator.

So, with that said, are you convinced and ready to dive in?  Then download the latest version of OneHour Guitar, available for iPhone and iPads on iTunes. Cost is $4.99 and can also be found in all App Stores. Meanwhile, more explanation about how and why this guitar learning method works can be found online at the OneHour Method author’s site.

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