The OneHour Method mobile app announced!

Do you know what is the difference between C9, Csus9, Cmaj9 and Cadd9? Do you want to know?

The one hour method allows you to form any guitar chord including all the complex jazz chords. After one hour you can throw your massive chord catalogues to the fireplace and laugh at the chord generators. You don’t have to memorize thousands of chords. There are only 5 chords to learn by rote.

The method has been published as a book. We are proud to announce the the method is being published as an mobile app. The method as an app is very easy to use. The app will have interactive lessons and powerful Chord Builder mode for you to practice with.

Ultimately this method also makes itself unnecessary. After a while you need it very seldom. You will gain the skill to build any chord you need!

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