Famous guitar wizard analyses guitar app OneHourMethod

Famous guitar wizard tries out guitar app OneHourMethod

31.3.2016, Helsinki/Frankfurt – The guitarist Ryan Roxie, the no-nonsense guitar wizard for Alice Cooper and Slash´s Snakepit, among others, tries out the ingenious guitar app OneHourMethod.

Mr. Roxie ran into OneHourMethod guitar chord app while performing in Helsinki, Finland and was impressed by what he saw: “Understanding chords is one of the foundations to learning guitar and ultimately how to enjoy playing songs. Finally, an app that gives you in-depth knowledge of guitar chords and how to find them all over your guitar neck. A must for any guitar enthusiast – from beginner to consummate pro.”
Mr. Jarkko Luhtala, a guitarist and the brand manager of OneHourMethod, comments: “Our company is all about providing a guitarist the best possible tool for guitar chords. It means a lot to us, that a seasoned professional like Mr. Roxie appreciates our app. He has already provided us with very valuable insights on our app.”
OneHourMethod is not another chord catalogue or a chord generator. It is an application for iPhone and iPad that teaches how to form any guitar chord. The app is suitable for every level, genre and style from very early stages onwards. An easy to approach interactive tutorial gets you started. Going through the whole tutorial part of the app takes only 15-30 minutes and after that the user will be able to start building own chords. Instead of being a library of pre-set grips, OneHourMethod gives all the theory and practical info needed for chord construction. It is a serious musical tool even for professional players eliminating the need of chord lexicons, chord generators and learning irrational “dots on diagrams”.
“Constructing guitar chords is actually very simple”, says Mr. Reijo Hiltunen, the father of OneHourMethod. “Take Em7 for instance. All you need to know is that it takes the root, minor third, fifth (optional), and minor seventh to make it. OneHourMethod app tells you this, and after that you will get to see all the possible ways to form that chord. Once you get the idea down, you really can build any chord in a fast and simple way, plus make limitless variations, inversions etc.”
The company behind OneHourMethod is a small start-up business, located in Finland, the land of top education, Angry Birds and HayDay: Complete Music RH Ltd. The OneHourMethod app went to the top of the Finnish App Store right after its release and has hit top 5 in several European countries.
More information
http://onehourmethod.com/press/ (high quality photos)
Brand manager Jarkko Luhtala, phone: +358 40 5133239, jake@onehourmethod.com
CEO, Founder Reijo Hiltunen, phone: +358 40 5412334, reijo@onehourmethod.com

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