Past, Present and Future

Past, Present and Future of OneHour Guitar Chord Method


The OneHour Guitar Chord Method is based on the “Only Complete” method.
The original Only Complete method has received great reviews in professional music magazines over the years.

After the release of the app, the top ranking in Finland was N:o1 in ALL categories and it stayed in top 5 in music applications three months.

After an extremely positive review in German guitar magazines “Akustik Gitarre” and “Gitarre und Bass”, it reached the top 10 in several German speaking countries (although the German translation is only planned so far).

Review by “Akustik Gitarre”

The new update with an ultimate “chord guesser” feature telling also the rootless chords has been released already. And more is planned:
– Translations in several languages.
– Adding seven string guitar, ukulele, banjo, zarango, balalaika etc to the app.
– Chord recognition when played in the mic.
– More in-app tutorials such as chord progression rehearsals: Application plays and the user tries to repeat. The app tells how it went.
– Chord recognition by ear.
– Chords built of stacked fourths.
– Chord sheet making made much more practical than in other applications.
– Tuner which goes automatically according to the tuning.

The list of ideas is endless.

A whole new application of chord progressions based on my book is planned. That app would be useful for any polyphonic instrument player. See the review of “Guitarist” below.

“The information on chord progression would be invaluable for anyone trying to understand the compositional logic behind most popular music of the last 50 years: starting from the most basic I IV V progression, you progress through the possibilities of all seven diatonic chords and into the dark and mysterious world of substitution.”
– Adrian Clark, in Guitarist December -94.

Isn’t that the nicest thing anybody can say about a tutorial?

All these for Android, too.

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